Thursday, August 2, 2012

Classical Kiss Pt.3

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Classical Kiss Pt.2

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Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's long road, to heaven
and i am just running the wrong way

it's short breath, this life
and i am just smoking it all away

it's a two way street, this love
and i am still looking for a greeting passerby

it's a fake crown, this money
and i am throwing it away like a king

it's a dirty mess, this game
and i am following no rules today

it's a cool defiance, this breakout
and i am beginning to get scared already

it's a calming happiness, this silence
and i am mad i didn't do this sooner.

(i know pretty much obscure *shrugs*)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Do You Know ...... ?

(thought i had separate some images and then single out one, but then i thought, what the hell, lets put in all of them. you might like it if you sing it a lil, enjoy.
P.S. none of these or the images on the site are my own art. some sources are unknown and some are mentioned in image names)

Do You Know ?
I still have your arms round my neck,
Your breath on my lips,
Your voice in my ears,

Do You Know ?
My heart is still in your vice,
My breath still rattles to your voice,
Yours words still bring tears to my eyes,

Do You Know ?
I still remember the touch of your lips,
The touch of your fingers,
The feel of your skin,

Do you know ?
That I still miss you,
Miss you like the day and the night,
That my sorrow is endless without you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Loneliness

After a while, life gets so silent around me
The sadness surrounds me
The madness corrupts me
The world gets a spinning
And I try to hold on
I try to hold on
But I am running in a lonely street
The buildings all broken around me
I am running in a whirlwind
All objects just flying around me
Is it a dream?
If so I need to wake up
Is it reality?
If so I need to find shelter somewhere
Now I am with you
And now I am all alone
The world is a spinning
And I don’t know what to hold on to
My thoughts are all crumbling
And I don’t know where to start again
It’s all ropes around me
And I don’t which one will hold me
I grab and I fall and I grab and I fall
And the darkness keeps coming nearer and nearer
Not knowing what awaits me
Till there’s only the sound of my breathing
My heart pumping only to listen to the sound
I close my eyes and give in
Sometimes I wake up and sometimes I don’t.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Your Love, My love, Our Love

The poison for my senses

is the sweet reverie of your love

As i gulp it down without question

My heart beating with emotion

Slow and soft the touch of your devotion

Plunging deep into the heart of my numbness

As i cry and freak at the onset of this seduction

My defenses weak against your advances

My resistance but a paper boat in the ocean

My heart was won but with your smile

And i am surprised how it took only a while

To transform me into the cat at your feet

The way your every gesture brings a smile to my face

My eyes go wet and dry, my heart jumps and runs

My sky falls and erupts into a million colors

The way my happiness is hand in hand with yours

i am getting used to enjoying that way

i am but beginning to loving this way, My way.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You ish such a Lovely

You ish such a lovely

Like a lily that dances on the water

Like the laughter of a little kid

Like a never ending sunset on the sea

Like a fawn with big beady eyes

Like a frown that turns into a grin

Like a gentle kiss that turns passionate

Like a tease that fuels an obsession

Like a story that turns into a fairytale

At once you are a person and my imagination

At once you are a thought and a reality

Like a sweetness spreading through me

Like a passion running through me

You ish such a lovely.

P.S.the image of course for the beady eyes :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making Love to a Special Someone Pt.2

I sigh as I raise my head, not wanting to let go of her. I look at her and she is frowning again. Oh how I want to wipe that frown of her face, like flicking an ant off my desk. My eyes just wander to her breasts abandoned to my hungry looks by now. I can feel her eyes on me, as she follows my gaze and she takes a deep breath and exhales. Now it’s her turn to tease me. “Hmmmmnnn” I lower my hand and put it over her breast feeling it heave up and down as she takes another deep breath. I smile and squeeze her breast feeling the fullness, her nipple taut. I lean on my elbow, my hand supporting my head and my other hand just caresses her breasts as it my fingers were a feather. My face hovering above, looking closely, feeling and watching as her breathing falters at my every touch. I lean in an kiss the top of her breast. Feeling her whole body go stiff, my lips let go and she lets go. I just go right ahead and bite her nipple, making her moan in surprise and pleasure. I pull a bit before letting go hesitantly. She takes another deep breath expecting me to take another go at it. Instead I just go back to kissing her breast, going in circles, getting closer and closer to the nipple. My hand ceases to be idle as it moves up her knee massaging her thigh. As my lips approach her nipple, I slip my tongue out and lick, licking around the tip vying for my attention, licking around and around over her pink areola. I can feel her breathing quicken as my hand slides up her thigh and then feel her exhale disappointedly as my hand goes back down. I turn my head to look into her eyes and lick her nipple with the tip of my tongue ever so teasingly. She closes her eyes and just clenches. I bite to make her open her eyes again and I loosen my grip, just sucking on it ever so sweetly.

I pat her legs from the side, making her close her legs and my forefinger traces a line between her thighs, touching the bottom of her hairless love triangle. My legs cross hers positioning my hard cock in the space between her legs pointing upwards. I look into her eyes as I shift my attentions to the other breast. Licking, biting and then sucking, making her moan ever so slightly. I lean on my hands and stroke my hardness against her thighs make her feel the warmth emanating from my cock. Her hands cup my ass cheeks as she helps me move over legs. Instead I just moving back, lowering my head, licking my way down between her breasts till I reach her belly button. She opens her legs to let my cock slide between her legs, and then she pushes them together making my eyes pop out with surprise and pain. I just utter the words “You Fucker! “. She grins wickedly and I know she is paying me back for all the teasing. I lower my tongue to her belly button again, licking it softly. I know she is ticklish there, but don’t know it would make her tighten her grasp around my cock. I just squirm with pleasure and pain. I smile and as I try to make my way up backwards, her legs part and then come back together even tighter, making me almost cry out with pain. I look at her and see her grin widen, I smile again and lean in to bite on her nipple. I begin to push down again and she holds me tight again. I try to move upwards and her legs part. As my cock rubs up against her puss, I feel her welcoming warmth. Once again her legs close around my cock but this time it doesn’t hurt. It kind of feels good actually.

I straighten my back and look into her eyes, opening her legs, I rub the head of my cock over her pussy lips. My precum mixing with her dripping juices. I look up into her eyes again, as I slowly push my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I smile seeing the love in her eyes, as she just smiles back. It brings tears to my eyes as I slip past her pussy lips. I hold her arms and pull her to me, taking her in my arms with my cock buried deep inside of her. I whisper in her ear, “I love you, you sweet smiling fucker”. I lay her back down softly, and begin to fuck her gently, my eyes roaming all over her body. I watch as she closes her eyes and moans in delight. Her hands coming up to cup my ass cheeks cajoling me to fuck her faster, as I do so with the utmost pleasure. Pushing deeper into her, still buried inside her I lift her legs up over my shoulders and pull her onto my cock by her hips. She giggles softly which turns into a moan as I ram my cock into her pussy. She puts a finger to her lips sucking on it, as I feel her clench her pussy around my cock. I groan and pull out only to ram it back in harder and faster. Making her grin with surprise and squirm with pleasure. She closes her eyes and lets the pleasure overcome her entire body, as I watch her body writhe and convulse. Holding onto her legs fucking her harder, I feel her body go limp for a second as she clenches on my cock one more time. I feel her orgasm nearing and pull out only to ram my cock in all the way making her whole body shudder. I let go of her legs letting her free, she comes up to wrap her arms around me whispers into my ear ‘Baby fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me harderrrrrrr’. She calls my name and it makes me want to kiss her lips. A devouring unending kiss of passion and frenzy.

I slip my hands below legs, her arms still wrapped around me, her boobs pressed against my chest, as I lift her over my cock and then let her slide back onto it. The length of my cock buried inside her I lay her back onto the bed, her arms still wrapped around me as I begin to fuck her again. My hips lifting into the air and then coming down against hers, as my cock drives into her, I look into her eyes as she looks up into mine, and I close my eyes. Putting all my energy into fucking her, making her cumm all over my cock ramming it, lifting and ramming it all the way in again and again and again. I can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter the juices coating my cock every time I pull out, the noise of our fucking a beautiful music for my ears combined with her breath on my neck, the way she holds her breath every time I pull out and breathes out with my every plunge into her lovehole. I feel her breathing become erratic her pussy beginning to get wetter warmer cozier as I plunge into her, I smile softly and feel her body erupt into an amazing orgasm. I watch as she quivers and shakes and rides wave after wave of ecstasy. Her pussy clenching and letting go of my cock buried deep with it. Her breathing ceasing and then erupting as she moans and moans my name in delight, as I look on with sheer delight on my face.


P.S. To be continued….

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Food,coitus and toiletpaper

Last but not least, another excerpt from the book Identity by Milan Kundera. This by far is the most interesting piece and I find it hilarious and thought provoking at the same time. In this scene, Leroy, a refined lady(not named) and Chantal converse while travelling from Paris to London in a train. Chantal mostly thinks and I am going to ignore those parts, the main character in this conversation is Leroy who in Chantal’s mind talks ‘not as a giver of lessons but as a provocateur’. The beauty of this conversation is how it starts and where it ends.

In a pugnacious tone of voice, Chantal said: ‘But how did a Trotskyite turn religious? Where’s the logic?’
(Leroy:)’My dear friend, you know Marx’s famous line: change the world.’

‘Of course’

‘Well, our century has made one enormous thing clear: man is not capable of changing the world and will never change it. That is the fundamental conclusion of my experience as a revolutionary. A conclusion that is, incidentally, tacitly accepted by everybody. But there is another one, which goes further. This one is theological, and it says: man has no right to change what God has created. We have to follow that injunction all the way.’

Chantal Answered: ‘All right, I agree that all change is noxious. Therefore, it would be our duty to protect the world against change. Alas, the world is incapable of stopping the insane rush of its transformations…..’

‘….of which man is, however, a mere instrument,’ Leroy interrupted: ‘The invention of the locomotive contains the seed of the airplane’s design, which leads ineluctably to the space rocket. That logic is contained in the things themselves, in other words, it is a part of the divine project. You can turn in the whole human race for a different one, and still the evolution that leads from the bicycle to the rocket will just be the same. Man is only an operator, not the author of that evolution. And a paltry operator at that, since he doesn’t know the meaning of what he’s operating. That meaning doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to God Alone, and we are here only to obey Him so that He can do what He wants.’
A soft slightly quavering voice rises up across from Chantal: ‘But in that case, why are we here below? Why are we living?’

‘Why are we living? To provide God with human flesh. Because the Bible, my dear lady, does not ask us to seek the meaning of life. It asks us to procreate. Love one another and procreate. Understand this: the meaning of that ‘love one another’ is determined by that “procreate”. That “love one another” carries absolutely no implication of charitable love, of compassionate, spiritual or passionate love, it only means very simply “make love!” “copulate!” “fuck!”. That and that alone, constitutes the meaning of human life. All the rest is bullshit.’

They enter the undersea tunnel(I don’t know if that really exists or not, anyways,)

‘We are going deeper and deeper,’ said the lady anxiously.

‘To where the truth lies,’ said Chantal

‘To where,’ added Leroy, ‘lies the answer to your question: why are we living. What is essential in life? The essential in life is to perpetuate life: it is childbirth, and what precedes it is coitus, and what precedes coitus, seduction, that is to say kisses, hair floating in the wind, well-cut brassieres, and everything else that makes people ready for coitus, for instance good food – not fine cuisine, a superfluous thing no one appreciates anymore, but the food everyone buys – and along with food defecation, because you know, my dear lady, my beautiful adored lady, you know what a huge position the praise of toilet paper and nappies occupies in our profession.(they are all advertisers by profession). Toilet paper, nappies, detergents, food. That is a man’s sacred circle, and our mission is not only to discover it, seize it and map to, but to make it beautiful, to transform it into a song. Thanks to our influence, toilet paper is almost exclusively pink, and that is a highly edifying fact, which, my dear lady, I would recommend that you contemplate seriously’

‘But that’s desolation, desolation!’ said the lady, ‘It’s just desolation with make-up on! We put make-up on desolation!’

‘Yes precisely,’ said Leroy.

‘But then where is the grandeur of life? If we’re condemned to food and coitus and toilet paper, who are we? And if that’s all we are capable of, what pride can take in the fact that we are, as they tell us,free beings?’

‘Freedom? As you live out your desolation, you can either be happy or unhappy. Having that choice is what comprises your freedom. You are free to melt your own individuality into the cauldron of the multitude either with a feeling of defeat or euphoria. Our choice, my dear lady, is euphoria.


What’s your choice?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Tree of Possibilities

Another excerpt from Identity by Milan Kundera. Well, when I read the book there were some parts I really felt like sharing, and so when I get the time I share them, *grinz*, anyways hope you enjoy. This is a letter to the gal from her secret admirer.
“…your heels tapping on the pavement make me think of the roads I have never travelled, that stretch away like the boughs of a tree. You have reawakened the obsession of my early youth: I would imagine life before me like a tree. I used to call it the tree of possibilities. We see life that way for only a brief time. Thereafter, it comes to look like a track laid out once and for all, a tunnel one can never get out of. Still the old specter of the tree stays with us in the form of an ineradicable nostalgia. You have made me remember that tree, and in return, I want to pass you its image, have you hear its enthralling murmur”
The tunnel and the tree of possibilities with its enthralling murmur, *smiles*, do think about it. Share your thoughts.  Thanks.
As for me I don’t mind the tunnel but right now the tree of possibilities is so much more enthralling.
P.S. the trees in this image may not be under focus but the colors are what makes this image really beautiful for me